Alina Pavlova

Alina is a Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) whose philosophy resonates to Maya Angelou’s “Your legacy is every life you touch”. Alina’s approach to yoga resembles a balance between give and take, yin and yang, inhale and exhale…sprinkled with loving kindness.

A fresh Kiwi who for the last 10 years lived, taught and practiced in the heart of Amsterdam (originally coming from Moscow), Alina thinks of yoga as her home, adventurous road trip and a personal retreat. Throughout her ambitious banking career, singing practice and, more recently, in science researching well-being, yoga provided necessary support and motivation to achieve, to let go and to follow her dreams. In this retreat, Alina is set to share how one can reap such benefits from a yoga practice.

Alina’s approach to yoga is multifaceted. “I like the mix of styles. My practice is a bricolage inspired by the ethical and spiritual teachings of Jivamukti, strong flow of asanas combined with yin intermezzos of letting go, pranayama and meditation.” Jai!


In 2018 Alina taught in Amsterdam in our Thrive yoga, Jivamukti Affiliated studio. Her powerful Vinyasa classes with great dedication and spiritual teachings were very well received by our students. We recommend to take her class and see for yourself and she is always welcome in Amsterdam to teach.

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